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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Summer Term 2024


  Summer 1

This week, we started off the term by reading 'Oliver's Vegetables'. We had a bag of vegetables as a clue and enjoyed exploring the different vegetables, through looking, smelling and feeling.  We have drawn pictures of the vegetables and written about them too! We enjoyed guessing what was in the smelly pots and writing down our predictions. We have planted tomatoes this week and are hoping to see them start growing soon! 

We have really enjoyed the mud kitchen this week and have had our welly's on and getting muddy! We have been making cakes, burgers and more! 

In week 2, we made a cafe outside in our role play area. We have been writing menu's full of tasty food that has fruit or vegetables in! We have checked back on our tomato plants and they are changing and have gone a bit wrinkly and mouldy. We enjoyed looking at the map to see where different food comes from.

We have been impressing Miss Shaw with our understanding of teen numbers this week - making 10-20 with numicon, and talking about how many 10's and 1's are in each number. 


In week 3, we continued to learn about where fruit and vegetables come from and where they may grow. We made some green soup, by chopping broccoli and spinach and popping pea pods. The teachers cooked it and blended it for us to taste. There were some mixed feelings!

"It's disgusting," Hunter

"The soup is good!" Archie M


In Maths we have been adding and taking away on the bus! When we add 2 numbers together, the number gets bigger and when we take away the number gets smaller. 

We enjoyed our trip to Buck Woods. We found fairy houses and then made our own. We also spotted spring flowers and new leaves on the trees, but it was still very muddy!


In week 4 and 5, we moved onto looking at how plants grow.  We read the story bud and talked about what plants need to grow, how to plant seeds and the life cycle of a plant. We have planted a sunflower seed and are writing instructions on how to look after it, which will be coming home soon. 

We have really enjoyed show and tell. We have all been really confident to stand at the front and talk about and answer questions about our chosen objects!                                                  


In Maths, we have been looking a lot at shapes and how we can rotate shapes, and put shapes together to make other shapes. We have done jigsaws, tangrams, and made our own shape pictures with paper and loose parts!


In Week 6, we began looking at non fiction and using books to help us find facts. We learnt some facts about butterflies.



We LOVED our balancability sessions with Chris. We wore our helmets to keep us safe and practised lots of skills on the balance bikes, including aeroplanes!


Into week 7, we further explored animals and looked at life cycles of frogs and butterflies. We had some tadpoles in school to see too! We wrote factfiles about one of these animals.

We also did lots of art and used our sketchbooks for the first time. We practised different lines and used both pencils and oil pastels. Then we created our final piece – Sunflowers! You can see these hanging in the windows of the link!