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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Summer Term 2024

In the summer term, our class novel is The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. 

Nancy - I like the robot because she is sometimes funny.

Lyla - I like Brightbill because he is nice and polite. 

Rosie S - I liked the characters on the island when they were afraid of Roz at the beginning. 

Things that we have enjoyed doing in Summer Term so far:

Keyboards and Showcase

Since the beginning of the year, we have all been learning how to play the keyboard. Our keyboard lessons are with Mrs Hughes every Thursday morning. 

Rosie B - I like keyboard lessons because I like playing the different songs.

Frankie - I like playing the keyboard because sometimes I do it at home as well. 

Lincoln - I like playing the keyboard because we all get to go together and do something that we all like. 

In May, a few of us got to perform in the Idle Showcase Performance. Some of us played the keyboard and a few of us showed off some different talents. 

Oscar  - I enjoyed watching other people perform their talents.

Olivia - I liked doing the keyboards in front of the parents because it was very nice to see the parents have a smile on their face. 

We are planning a performance for parents later this term. We will let you know once this is arranged!

New people in our class

Earlier this term, we got 2 new members of our class, Eva and Lincoln! 

Eva - I was very excited when I first came into this class and people were nice to me. 

Lincoln - This school is really good and everybody helps me and is kind to me. So far, I have had a really good time. 

Eliza - I enjoyed new people coming into our class because I made a new friend. 

Walk to school badges

This term, we have been working towards earning badges each month for active journeys to school.

Kian - When I walk to school, I have lots of fun because I can play games on the way with my mum and sister. 

Almost all of us have earned 2 badges so far!

Our learning

Some of the things that we have really enjoyed in our lessons include learning about time and fractions in maths, learning how to regulate our emotions using the 4 colour zones and learning about the River Aire in Geography. 

Jacob - I liked using adjectives to describe what the River Aire and the surroundings looked like in Geography. 

Frankie - I enjoy doing the handwriting warm ups in English because I like doing the spirals. 

Callum - I enjoyed learning about the River Aire because it's so long and you would get tired out if you were to walk down it!

We have lots more things to look forward to in our last few weeks of year 3!