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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Summer Term 2024

As a year group, we used different ways to raise money for Water Aid as part of our last term topic on 'The Long Walk to Freedom'. We dressed up in African flag colours or as African animals and also had a bake sale where lots of people could buy the buns and cakes.

Teddy even came as an elephant in a blow up suit. We loved it!

Project 1 - Local Heroes

Our first project is called ‘Local Heroes’. Within this topic we will be focussing on people in Bradford and nearby who are heroes and have made our world a better place. 

We will be using the book ‘The Night Gardener’ as our stimulus to writing. This is where someone tries to look after their environment to make their world a better place. 




Week 1

Project - history 

This week we have been focusing on our Local Hero – Margaret McMillan. She fought for free school meals so that children could have a hot meal at school. These are the facts that we learnt:


“Her parents were from Scotland.” – Jacob

"Born in New York on 20th July 1860.” – Penny

“She was shocked by children in poverty an did things to help. Like baths and free school meals” – Barney

“Margaret wrote books on health." - Eva 

Week 2

Project - History

In our project this week we continued to discover the history of world changers and how some people have made a huge impact on our lives because of their influence in the past. 

We discovered that Marcus Rashford was not just an amazing footballer but that he also had a rough childhood and that has made him who he is today. We discussed how Marcus showed courage to fight for what he knew was right, but he was also spreading love to families who didn't have much.

"He used his fame to to help spread his message" - Hanna

"Marcus started helping during Covid." - Edee

"He was from a poor family." - Nylah

"He was from a poor background, so he knows what it is like to go without food." - Elijah


Religious Education

Within our RE we have introduced our new topic of belonging and what does it mean to belong. We shared our love and joy about what groups we belonged to. These included: brownies, family, football, dance, churches and many others. We discussed how some people belong to similar groups and some are very different and these make us ‘who we are’.


In our first lesson of art, we started by researching an artist from our local area as part of our local hero topic. We introduced David Hockney and his impact on Bradford. We then explored his art and the pieces he made. We decided we wanted our inspiration to be Garrowby Hill as it was in Yorkshire, which links with our local surrounding area. Next week we will be exploring his techniques and producing our own interpretation of Garrowby Hill. 


Week 3

Religious Education

Continuing on with our new topic of belonging, we revisited the story of the lost sheep and conducted a class Godly play to represent this. We then discussed the meaning of this story and what things might mean to belong.


Project - ART

In our second lesson of art, we showed courage when practising David's techniques as these were quite a challenge for some people. We then followed instructions and drew our outline in pencil. This formed a guide for our own Garrowby Hill.

Our final lesson was creating our own masterpieces. We shared love and joy as we produced our painting, sharing our techniques and skills with each other.