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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Scratch Programming


Please see the Powerpoint task guide for Computing below.  Please complete the tasks within the Powerpoint first, then be creative and inspired by the tutorials that are available on the Scratch website and the video links below.

These tasks requires the use of a website created by MIT and is a fun way to learn code.  Happy Scratching.

Link to Scratch website.

Here are some links to Youtube - How to Scratch videos

Good basic introduction to Scratch - LINK:  Basic - first creating - story

Very good basic introduction to Scratch - LINK: Basic introduction to Scratch

Basic to intermediate level - Part 1 - platform gaming LINK:- Basic to intermediate level - Getting Sprite moving

Intermediate level - Part 2 - adding the platforms -LINK: Intermediate level - Getting Sprite jumping on platforms

Intermediate level - Part 3 - next levels and collecting crystals LINK: Intermediate - levels and collectables

Intermediate and advanced level - Part 4 - score keeping - LINK: Intermediate/advanced level - Score keeping

This link starts off basic, but quickly moves on to advanced features. LINK: How to Scratch - Basic to very advanced