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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Pupil Voice

Black History Month 2023

"We learnt that black and white people weren’t allowed to be together, and they could not sit next to each other." – Willow Y1

"Black history is important to learn about black people and why they are heroic. It is important that black people have the right to feel important." – Isla Y3

"We need to remember black people to celebrate what they did and show awareness about their importance to today."  – Reuben Y6


Autumn reflections 2023:

"I like history because we learn about time before us." - Teddie Y1

"I like history because we can see the past of things we haven't seen before." - Jacob Y2

"I love history because you can learn lots of facts from the past."- Thea Y3

"My favourite thing is history and i have loved learning about the Romans." - Rayne Y4

"Its interesting because sometimes there are twists to things you didn't expect." - Isra Y5