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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10



At Idle our geography inspires us to get out there and experience the world, its people and places. Geography helps us to experience ‘life in all it’s fullness’ by connecting us to others around the globe, deepening our relationships with the Earth, and discovering the wondrous places, people, and environments around the planet.


At Idle we develop our geographers by:

  • walking in the world – through fieldwork, visitors, reading, watching short films, and listening to people’s stories
  • consciously reflecting on how our lives are affected by geography
  • noticing, talking about and exploring the world around us
  • building up our mental maps
  • learning to use the language of geography
  • learning how to read maps, atlases and globes
  • making observations, collecting, and analysing data
  • interpreting a range of geographical information


Through our bespoke curriculum we develop fantastic geographers who:

  • are curious and notice the world around them
  • understand and appreciate our place in the world
  • talk about how geography influences their daily lives
  • have empathy and appreciation for the diversity of the planet – its people, places, plants and animals
  • constantly add to their mental map
  • use their imagination to travel to places near and far
  • are responsible global citizens
  • are confident to explore the world around them

As geographers, we know that the world is in our hands. 


Autumn term adventures



Reception children have been exploring their new school, finding out who works here and talking about what our school is like.  We also went for a local walk and talked about how to keep ourselves safe as we explore Idle.  Finally, we went to Buck Woods to discover signs of Autumn.

Year 1 have been finding out more about our school. We have been carrying out fieldwork around our grounds to find out which human and physical features we have.

Year 2 are becoming expert map readers and explorers.  We have been getting out and about in our school grounds using maps to help us find our way.  We have also been learning about compass directions and how they help us to locate things.

Year 3 have been finding out more about the U.K.   We have travelled the length and breadth of the U.K. discovering its many counties, regions and cities. We enjoyed poring over a variety of maps to spot the rivers, hills, National Parks and mountains. We loved exploring the U.K. and finding out all the places we had heard of, visited or wanted to visit.  3E got fed up of hearing about just how many places Ms Holt has visited in the U.K!

Year 4 have been travelling around Europe this term.  We have been using the globe and maps to locate Europe, its countries, capital cities, rivers, coasts, mountains and volcanoes. We enjoyed talking about the places we have visited in Europe, and the places we would like to go to.

Year 5 have been on a long and exhausting trip from the top of North America to the tip of South America.  Phew! There was so much for us to see and learn about in these two vast continents.  We revised our knowledge of the hemispheres and the equator, before learning about the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, longitude and latitude… There was a chocolate orange and an apple involved! We did really well learning these abstract concepts.  We learnt about the different biomes that we might find in North and South America (you can find all the biomes in these continents alone), as well as learning about the things that we trade with some of the countries. 



Year 6 have followed in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and travelled to the amazing Galapagos Islands.  We used maps and globes to locate the Galapagos Islands and find out about their human and physical features. We looked at photos and videos of the Galapagos Islands to find out more about the fantastic biomes and wildlife that live there.  Finally, we made videos to tell others about the Galapagos Islands.