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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10



At Idle CE Primary School, we want our pupils to experience new and exciting opportunities in Design and Technology. We aim to allow them to express and share their creativity while learning new skills and problem-solving. It is our intention that our pupils gain the knowledge required in order to design and practically make a range of products, learning processes and procedures as they do so. Pupils will be provided with the opportunity to work with different mediums and resources to create a final product in the different areas within Design and Technology including: cooking and nutrition, textiles and structures through construction.



We equip children with the knowledge they need in order to complete a project by:

  • Exploring and finding out about the product they will be making.
  • Working through the design process
  • Discussing what methods and materials will be needed.
  • Using technical language, to discuss processes and procedures involved
  • Following a design to make the product.
  • Reflecting back on the process and procedures in order to evaluate the product.
  • Considering the safety protocols required to complete a project.


We do this by ensuring each project works through the design, make, evaluate process. Throughout this process, pupils are supported through the modelling of processes and procedures before having the opportunity to engage themselves. Pupils in KS2 will have the opportunity, in some projects, to act on the evaluation in order to improve their product.

For each project it is important to know what pupils will be making and why. To ensure projects are relevant and of interest to the children of Idle CE, they are linked to our thematic learning, allowing pupils to make cross curricular links, combining some projects with Science, Mathematics, Computing or Art, to show how we draw on other processes and ideas to complete a product.



Children will have a love for D.T and show joy for and take pride in their completed products. They will be empowered to show their creativity and think of ideas for products to make. They will be able to engage their critical thinking skills to decide upon the best and most effective way to bring that idea to fruition and make a product. Pupils are then able to evaluate their process throughout, and adapt their work. They will be able to talk about the skills learnt and make links to how to use these safely in everyday life.