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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10


Snapshot into the children's work

Please view below our PowerPoint showcasing the work children have been completing so far this year.

Computing Curriculum – Intent, Implement and Impact Statement

Our intent is to educate our pupils in how to become a good modern day digital citizen. We want them to use technology positively, respectfully and safely in their everyday lives. We want them to be ready to transfer these computer skills to use with the technology of the future, when it has not even been invented yet.

  • For children to discover, develop and achieve their potential by having high expectations of their learning.
  • Be confident in the use of a range of technology.
  • Be confident to ask questions about everything to help extend their knowledge.
  • Be able to know where to go for help and support when they have concerns about content or contact on the internet or other online technologies.

We implement our Computing curriculum through:

  • In EYFS Computing it is implemented by use of technological toys and the use of IPads for educational app access, for such things as phonics and maths.
  • For KS1 & KS2 a Topic Workbook, with Knowledge Organisers with vocabulary, key learning and key questions to reflect what is being taught, and Knowledge logs for the children to reflect and record their learning, accompanies each year’s Computing topic.
  • The Topic Workbooks, Knowledge Organisers and Learning Logs, which are high quality and show evidence of expectations and learning taking place.
  • To accompany the Topic Workbooks the children have work completed for evidence of learning taking place on Purple Mash, Class Dojo, the pupil area on the server and on occasion photographical evidence.
  • Internet Safety is taught to the children inline with CEOP and NSPCC guidance.
  • The main Computing teaching staff receive relevant training to confidently deliver the E Safety element of the curriculum.
  • High quality Computing resources are used in an imaginative and inventive methodology.
  • Sharing E Safety advice with parents and carers via the School’s website, Class Dojo and information stalls when Parents’ evening occurs.
  • E Safety policies are developed to be robust.
  • Computer use is monitored, reviewed and logged weekly with any concerns raised with the DDSL.

The National Curriculum provides a structure and skill development for the Computing Curriculum being taught.  This is linked to our Topic Workbooks and Knowledge Logs to provide an innovative approach to our children’s learning.
The impact of this is our children understand the importance of staying safe online and what to do if they have any concerns they encounter whilst online.
We encourage the children to enjoy the curriculum and ask why not just how this results in a balanced programme of study for the children to access.

Pupil’s Voice
“I loved the Bee-Bots and learning how to code”.
“Helped me know not to talk to strangers on line”. “Helped me be safe on pc at home and on my phone”.
“Learning all the stuff you need to know for being an adult”.
“I have been able to do my work at home on Class Dojo”.               
 “I know how to work online now, ready to help with a job in the future and not work on paper”.
“I ask permission from my parents know”.                     “I know how to help others”.
SAW - V1 July 2021

Please see our Long Term Plan below.

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