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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

Active Responsible Citizens


At Idle Church of England Primary, we pride ourselves on supporting all children to become Active Responsible Citizens.

Our curriculum is thematic to support learners to understand themselves, others and the community.

Every year group has a theme and affirmation to build up their self-affirmations which support their holistic view of themselves and supports their understanding of the community. Each year builds upon itself to provide meaningful experiences which support children how to be an Active Responsible Citizen.

Take a look how our ARC develops through each year group.




Tiny Voices, Big Hearts

I am amazing. You are too. We are a team.







Year 1

Little People, Big Dreams

I am unique. You are too. We can be anything.


Year 2

World Changers

I am important. You are too. We can change the world.


Year 3

Small Person, Big Impact

I have a voice. You do too. We can speak up.



Encouraging (Develop)


Year 4

Change Makers

I am courageous. You are too. We can make a difference.


Year 5

Young Leaders

I am responsible. You are too. Together we can lead.






Year 6

Discovering Me

I am influential. You are too. Together we create our community.



















There are many things which happen within each year group and whole school to support the continual reflection of ARC within everyday class. Below are some examples of how we are building our future citizens.