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"Jesus came to give fullness of life" John 10:10

2023-2024 ARC

Autumn 2023

Year 3

Year 3 was raising awareness of homelessness by understanding the challenges they may have to face whilst living on the streets. They built a tent to see the struggle to build a shelter.

They also designed a quiz to raise money for a homeless shelter and to give a little something to those who help people who live on the street. 

We tested our skills by building a tent and then take it down to see how hard it was. We had lots of joy with our friends doing the challenge. – Theo

We showed courage to know how hard it was, but then also help others if they are struggling. – Theo

We showed joy when doing activities with our friends. -Nancy



Year 6 

After the success of last year's dragon eye café, year 6 decided to do this again. Year 6 baked and got donations to sell cupcakes to raise money for their adventure week later on in the year. This money facilitated activities to happen last year that would not have been possible without it. This included activities at Yeadon Tarn following the week of SAT's. 

We were spreading love because people made nice things and everyone else was enjoying them. – Theo

It was a really joyful event to make things with family like at home when you’re baking with them. We invited people, including my grandma, and it was spreading love with everyone’s family there. – Eden

Some people showed courage because they had to give the buns and talk to other people, and it can be scary to do that. - Eden